Browse all of the latest Dare 2b fitness accessories to improve your home workout. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or fitness newbie, accessorise your home gym with our collection of resistance bands, exercise balls and fitness mats, they’ll help you complete entirely new exercises as well as add variety to your workout routine. On the other hand, our wrist and ankle weights can be used to make your existing exercise routines more difficult and help tone your arms and legs. Keep hydrated with an insulated sports bottle and fend off annoying sweat with our headbands. Level up your workouts with some Dare 2b home fitness equipment today!

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  • Tritan 0.75L Water Bottle Clear
    Tritan 0.75L Water Bottle Clear

    RRP 15,00 €

    10,45 €

  • Skipping Rope Pro Ebony Grey
    Skipping Rope Pro Ebony Grey

    RRP 10,00 €

    6,95 €

  • Fitness Mat Ebony Grey
    Fitness Mat Ebony Grey

    RRP 40,00 €

    27,95 €

  • Resistance Bands Yellow Blue Pink
    Resistance Bands Yellow Blue Pink

    RRP 30,00 €

    20,95 €

  • Skipping Rope Ebony Grey
    Skipping Rope Ebony Grey

    RRP 5,00 €

    3,45 €

  • Fitness Ball 55cm Ebony Grey
    Fitness Ball 55cm Ebony Grey

    27,50 €

  • Fitness Yoga Mat Dust Pink
    Fitness Yoga Mat Dust Pink

    38,00 €

  • Fitness Yoga Mat Ebony Grey
    Fitness Yoga Mat Ebony Grey

    38,00 €

  • Aerobics Step Black
    Aerobics Step Black

    65,00 €

  • Pilates Ring Black
    Pilates Ring Black

    25,00 €

  • Kettle Bell 8kg Orange
    Kettle Bell 8kg Orange

    45,00 €

  • Ab Roller Black
    Ab Roller Black

    20,00 €

  • Sit Up Bar Black
    Sit Up Bar Black

    28,00 €

  • Yoga Brick Dust Pink
    Yoga Brick Dust Pink

    12,50 €

  • Yoga Brick Grey
    Yoga Brick Grey

    12,50 €

  • Balance Board Black
    Balance Board Black

    22,00 €

  • Press Up Bars Black
    Press Up Bars Black

    20,00 €

  • Kettle Bell 6kg Grey
    Kettle Bell 6kg Grey

    35,00 €

  • 15kg Weights Set Black
    15kg Weights Set Black

    100,00 €

  • Weighted Hoop Ebony Grey
    Weighted Hoop Ebony Grey

    35,00 €

  • Kettle Bell 2kg Pink
    Kettle Bell 2kg Pink

    17,00 €

  • Kettle Bell 4kg Green
    Kettle Bell 4kg Green

    25,00 €

  • Shaker Bottle Black
    Shaker Bottle Black

    15,00 €

  • Ankle Wrist Weights Ebony Grey
    Ankle Wrist Weights Ebony Grey

    RRP 30,00 €

    20,95 €

  • Metal Glitter Bottle Black
    Metal Glitter Bottle Black

    32,50 €

  • Massage Roll Ebony Grey
    Massage Roll Ebony Grey

    RRP 15,00 €

    10,45 €

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    Home Gym Accessories

    Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of gyms and fancy training in a more private, easy-to-reach place? Do you want to minimize the time you dedicate to training but maintain excellent results? Making your own home gym is the solution for you! Home gyms have great benefits such as privacy and saving time in commuting. To workout at home, firstly you need to find the right fitness accessories and here at Dare 2b we’ve got you covered. Water bottles, headbands, mats, fitness balls and many more: find the right fitness accessory for you and enjoy a strengthening workout in the comfort of your living room. Even if you work from home, don’t forget to build your gym outfit! Browse our activewear for an overview of all our products including gym tops, gym shorts, trainers and more.