Men’s Gym Clothes

Get fit and strong in the new men’s activewear range from Dare 2b. We have fitness clothing and sportswear for every activity, whether you’re hitting weights at the gym, exploring the outdoors or exercising at home. Our men’s gym hoodies, joggers and gym shorts for men will help you go further than ever before.

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Men’s sportswear designed to last

The Dare 2b men’s activewear range is full of quality, affordable gym clothing that’s built to last. Quick-drying technology allows you to wash and dry your activewear quickly, so you can hit the ground running on your next workout. Many of our tops and jackets are made with breathable fabrics, which allow you to stay cool and focused when you’re pushing yourself.

Men’s gym clothes

The Dare 2b technical tee is the ideal men's gym top for an intensive workout. Made with a ribbed fabric, our gym tops are purpose built to keep you cool and comfortable. The sleek design of Dare 2b gym wear will enhance your athletic features and ensure you look toned and well defined.

Men’s fitness clothing to keep you safe and protected

The Dare 2b reflective range is designed to keep you safe while you’re out on the road. Whether you’re putting in the miles on foot or cycling, our waterproof, reflective men's running jackets will keep you protected and dry when you need it most. Our fabrics are breathable and elasticated, which will keep your body at optimum temperature when you turn up the heat with your workouts. Have a look at our complete collection of fitness wear today.