Men's Snow Boots

Tread through the snow in a pair of our warm men's snow shoes, designed to keep your toes nice and cosy as you go about your ski trip. Combined with our other quality men's ski wear such as men's ski jackets or salopettes, you'll be able to focus on the slopes ahead rather than being bothered by the cold. All of our snow shoes are both lined and waterproof to offer top-notch protection from the elements. Check out our latest line of men's snow shoes below and be sure to check out our women's snow shoes and snow shoes for kids if you're shopping for the whole family.

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Choose the right men’s snow boots

Choosing the right snow boots isn't always easy, especially as you're meant to use this type of footwear in a completely different environment than where you'll try them on. That’s why you should take into consideration some things before picking your new winter boots. Depending on what you'll use them for, you first need to know if the shoes are waterproof or water resistant, as well as what level of dryness they can guarantee. You also want to make sure that your boots will help prevent the loss of body heat when you're out in the cold, so check the materials carefully. Another important thing you should take into account is the rubber sole: is it hard and slip resistant? This point is crucial as you're going to use the boots primarily on the snow and potentially even icy surfaces where it’s easy to slip. Complete your new skiing outfit by browsing our collection of men’s ski jackets, men’s ski trousers, and men’s ski accessories