Women’s Hiking Jackets

If you’re looking for a durable yet versatile women’s hiking jacket, here at Dare 2B we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re planning on hiking in the mountains or at a local trail or nature reserve, our women's hiking jackets are the perfect option to stay protected from the elements. Within our collection of women's hiking jackets you'll find plenty of variety, including fully waterproof hiking jackets built with water resistant materials paired with a durable water repellent coating, wind resistant coats and lightweight women's jackets for lifestyle use. Shop from a range of unique styles and bold colourways and buy your new favourite women's hiking jacket today.

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  • Women's Anew Recycled Waterproof Jacket Black
    Women's Anew Recycled Waterproof Jacket Black

    RRP 115,00 €

    45,95 €

  • Women's Already Recycled Waterproof Jacket Bluestone
    Women's Already Recycled Waterproof Jacket Bluestone

    RRP 100,00 €

    39,95 €

  • Women's Deviation II Waterproof Jacket Powder Pink
    Women's Deviation II Waterproof Jacket Powder Pink

    RRP 90,00 €

    35,95 €

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    Waterproof hiking coats for ladies

    Before buying a new hiking jacket, there’s a few things you need to consider. The first thing to check is the breathability of the jacket, which will help let moisture escape from the jacket as it’s built up by your body heat. You’ll be protected from the rain and won’t run the risk of getting too hot from all the exercise. Another important aspect is the weight of the jacket. Weight has a strong influence on both breathability and overall comfort. If you plan on hiking over long distances, wearing a lightweight jacket can make a world of difference.
    Hiking jackets come in three different types of shell: hardshell, softshell and hybrid. Hardshell jackets consist of multiple layers and provide the best protection from both rain and wind, but they’re usually heavier and lack as much breathability as their lightweight counterparts. Soft shells are lightweight and offer protection against many elements, but not as much as hard shells. This is due to the fact that they are almost always composed of a single layer. Hybrids however, are a bit of a middle ground. They can be composed of different types of layers, but usually have a strong outer layer coupled with a softer inner layer.

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    If you’re looking for a new hiking outfit, look no further than Dare 2B. Explore our range of women’s hiking clothing and choose the best women’s hiking fleeces and hiking tops to wear under your jacket. For your lower body, you can also have a look at our women’s hiking trousers and shorts. If you are looking for hats, gloves and rucksacks, visit our women’s hiking accessories section.