Men's Lightweight Jackets

Planning on going for a jog in the park or hiking with your mates? Take a look at our selection of men’s lightweight jackets. Runners, cyclers, hikers, practically all kinds of outdoor adventure enthusiasts will benefit from the wind resistant fabric and water repellent finish that makes our lightweight jackets so handy in all weather conditions.

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Explore new worlds with our men’s lightweight jackets

Wind, snow or rain are all obstacles that get in the way of your daily outings. When the temperature drops or the weather gets worse, you need a lightweight jacket to keep you dry and protect you from the cold. Using a lightweight jacket protects you from all of these obstacles, making you free to enjoy the outside while maintaining breathability. Dare 2b jackets are super light and offer two levels of protection. Wind Protection - Wind makes you feel cold, especially when pelting against sweat. This phenomenon is commonly known as the "windchill" effect. With a windproof running jacket, you can protect yourself from the cold air and consequently feel warmer. Water repellency - In case of light rain or snow, a water repellent treatment prevents moisture from penetrating the garment.

Breathable lightweight jackets for men

The breathability of a running jacket is its ability to let hot air ventilate. This is a very important feature for staying dry during physical activity. In fact, if a jacket is not breathable, the water vapor produced by the body as you move remains inside the garment and condenses, meaning you’ll get wet from the inside of the jacket! Comfortable, versatile and useful, men’s lightweight jackets are a great investment to wear anywhere. For a complete outdoor outfit take a look at our mens trousers, hoodies and boots. And if you are planning a new adventure with your other half, explore our women’s jackets collection.