Men’s Cycling Gloves

It’s important to keep your hands warm whilst cycling, a pair of our men’s cycling gloves is exactly what you need to help prevent cold fingers and stiffness. Not only do the gloves provide extra warmth, they also give you a better grip of the handlebars and brakes as well as easy smartphone use thanks to the touchscreen friendly fingertips, meaning you’ll be able to track your distance on your phone without having to take your gloves off. Take a look at our current selection of biking gloves for men below to find the perfect pair of cycling gloves for you.

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Men’s cycling gloves: get the best grip and protection

Cycling gloves are a must have for every cyclist, they’re designed to protect your hands at all times, whether you’re biking up a mountain or commuting to work. Both our men’s cycling gloves and biking gloves for women prevent sore hands caused by rubbing on the handlebar and also provide protection against accidental falls. Wearing cycling gloves is an effective way to avoid damage to your hands and will mitigate the chances of more serious injury.

The time of the year is very important when considering the right type of cycling gloves. If you ride in summer, opt for a pair of our fingerless cycling gloves, these soft and quick-drying gloves have ventilation openings which are perfect for the hot season. When it’s freezing or raining outside, you should opt for our men’s winter cycling gloves, which protect your fingers from cold and at the same time allow a good level of grip.

All our cycling gloves feature an Ergonomic Cushioning System (ECS) for extra comfort and have reflective details for enhanced visibility. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore our range of men’s cycling clothing: you can choose between men’s cycling jerseys, men’s cycling shorts, biking accessories and much more!