Ski Gloves Buying Guide

It is essential to have a pair of ski gloves when you're skiing or snow boarding as they will keep your hands warm and help with circulation. Take a look at our guide to help you choose the perfect pair of ski gloves for you.

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Do I pick gloves or mittens for skiing? What is the difference between them?

The classic ski glove ‘five-digit’ version is definitely the most popular with skiers, due to the fact that they provide you with more functionality and movement, ideal for when you're handling dear and doing up zips. Whilst Ski Mittens tend to be worn by snowboarders, however they are becoming most popular with skiers, due to them having one pocket for four fingers so more heat is shared. In short ski mitts are warmer than ski gloves but sacrifice dexterity.


We have made sure that our ski gloves and mittens have functions and features that will allow you to perform to your best ability. Here are some of the functions and features.


The easy pull straps featured on our ski gloves/mitts keep the snow and and keep the heat in. Our ski gloves have adjustable cuffs for wrist and arms of all sizes.


These two features allow you to hold your ski poles easily, making you feel safe whilst on the slopes, as you will have a secure grip.


Wrist loops are available on most ski gloves, they keep your glove attached to your wrist even when you've taken them off your fingers, making them harder to get lost. This is useful for the times when you'd like to have a quick bite to drink or if you're snapping a photo. These are handy for kids as they are most likely to take them off and lose them.


The purpose of fleece lining in gloves is to help insulate and trap heat from your hands, ideal for cold days on the slopes.


It is important for you to get the correct fitting gloves for skiing, you should be able to move your fingers around without and restrictions, but they shouldn't be too big that they're sliding about. In order to test the fit you can stretch your fingers out and try to pinch a quarter of an inch of the ski glove fabric. If you still can't decide, make a fist, you should be able to fully curve your fingers, and if you can't the gloves are too tight. Remember that your hands will need room to breathe, but your gloves shouldn't be too loose as that make it easy for cold air to enter and snow can get into your gloves/sleeves easily.

We have small, medium and large sizes for both kids and adults. Take a look at our official size charts so you can make a better decision for you and your family.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to make a decision on your gloves. Now you can browse our Dare 2b range of gloves and mitts for mens, women and kids.