Men's Hiking T-Shirts and Tops

Shop our wide range of men’s hiking T-shirts and tops. We have a collection of lightweight and reflective jerseys and t-shirts that are perfect for your walking adventures.

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Outdoor coats for protection from the elements

Made with robust, highly waterproof material, our diligence jackets are fundamental for any mountain explorer. For warmer climates, our oxford stretch-woven fabric is breathable and comfortable when you’re on the move. For optimum visibility in harsh conditions, our lightweight jackets have a wired peak hood with adjustable cords.

Mens walking trousers with wind and rain protection

The Dare 2b mens walking trousers are purpose built for any true outdoor explorer. For full range of mobility when moving on uneven surfaces, the tuned in trousers have an adjustable shockcord waist and stretch material. Our outdoor trousers are designed with multiple pockets so you can safely store your outdoor essentials and keep them safe from the elements.

Supportive Hiking boots for all terrain

With advanced waterproof and breathable technology, the Dare 2b outdoor footwear collection will support your feet so you can push on further. Our Hiking boots reduce the risk of blisters, support your ankles on uneven ground and protect your feet again bumps and snags with a protective rubber toe and rear.