Women's Gym wear Must Haves

When it comes to finding gym gear for women , you really want something that's stylish, fitted and functional. What counts the most is how well your outfit fits and the level of confidence it provides so you can get the most out of your training sessions. Even if you're training at home, it's still nice to have the best workout gear.

Dare2B have got you covered when it comes to activewear, starting with the vision of bringing new and fresh, innovative activewear clothing to both men and women.

Women's Gym Wear Essentials

Thanks to activewear fashion, the clothes you choose to wear when working out have never been more important. From lightweight gym t-shirts and gym leggings made from high quality fabrics to fashionable hoodies and sports bras, there is a wide selection available on the market. But which clothes do you need? Which items are essential for your activewear lifestyle? Well, this roundup will guide you through some of them.

Gym Top

When buying a gym top, you don't think as much about it compared to when you buy other clothes. When you consider a gym top, you just need it to keep your body ventilated when training and for that, you don't particularly have to spend so much on it. But there are other aspects that you don't pay attention to, which can say a lot about the gym wear.

Whether you prefer a tank top, short sleeve or even long sleeve gym top, you need to ensure your top has performing qualities to assist you in your workout. Look out for tops made with a lightweight, sweat-wicking material that moves sweat away from your skin in order to keep you cooler. Dare 2b gym tops also feature anti-bacterial odour control in lots of our activewear tops, so you can feel confident before and after your workout.

Gym Top

Women's Vigilant Active T-Shirt

Reasons To buy

  • Q-Wic Plus lightweight polyester/ elastane fabric
  • Anti-bacterial odour control treatment
  • Good wicking performance
  • Quick drying
  • Perfect for running, spinning and yoga
  • Comes in a range of colourways

Sports Bra

Sports bras, like running shoes, come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what kind of sports bra you’re wearing if it isn’t the right size. A sports bra has the power to make or break your workout, so choosing the right one is essential.

When looking for a sports bra it's important to consider what exercise you will taking in part in, as the sports bra you choose should depend on the level of impact. For instance if you were taking part in pilates, you would only be looking for a low impact whereas if you were planning on running you'd be better off with a high impact sports bra. Other features you should look for are: quick drying, sweat wicking material that will help to keep sweat at bay.

Gym Leggings

Style is a key component when it comes to activewear, gym leggings in particular. When it comes to style you need to think about what activities you will be carrying out when wearing your leggings, do you need any pockets for your phone or keys? More importantly, it's essential that your leggings help you perform. Like with a gym top, sweat-wicking fabric is important so that you're not bound when working out. Arguably most important when it comes to gym leggings is the fit, you don't want your workout being interrupted by your leggings slipping or rolling causing you to be uncomfortable.

Gym Top

The Laura Whitmore Edit - Influential Leggings Dragonfly Ink Print

Reasons To buy

  • Q-Wic Plus lightweight polyester/ elastane fabric
  • Squat proof fabric
  • Soft elastic inner waistband
  • Self fabric open pocket at inner waistband
  • Flat locked seams for comfort
  • Quick Drying

Gym Trainers

Looking to buy some gym trainers? It’s important you get the best training shoes possible so that when you lift heavy weights, your feet and legs don’t take all the pressure. The most important thing when it comes to trainers is size, whether you're going instore or ordering online, it's essential to ensure your shoes are the best possible fit. Knowing exactly what you will be using your shoes for will also help you find shoes that perform to your needs whether you're training cardio, weight training or any other activity. The features you should be looking for are size, cushioning, the grip or traction and you should also consider the shape, for example the arch of the shoe compared to the arch your foot.

Honourable Mention: Sports Socks

Sports socks are designed to suit your specific sport or exercise as they have excellent moisture control. Sports socks should also help prevent any blisters from forming and will provide you with extra padding and support when working out.

Don't forget your gym bag with all your essentials such as your water bottle and towel.

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