Sean Conway's Top 5 Tips for Endurance

We caught up with extreme endurance adventurer and Dare 2b ambassador Sean Conway ahead of his taking part in the Red Bull Steeplechase later this month. As the first and only man in history to cycle, swim and run the length of Britain, he knows a thing or two about endurance and motivation - here are his top five tips:

1) Pace yourself

It's very easy to get caught up in the moment. Pace yourself easy and delight in overtaking everyone near the end rather than being overtaken.

2) Stretching

Don’t over stretch beforehand. Warm up well before the start but make sure your muscles are still elasticated and ready to get you up the hills. 

3) Fuel

Your body is an engine. Make sure it doesn’t run out of food and water. As an average, if it's hot you’ll likely sweat one litre an hour so make sure you stay hydrated. Electrolyte tabs also help. 

4) Sleep

If you can, try get a good night's sleep for two days in the lead up and eat well. This will pay dividends while on the course.

5) Motivation

The last 5th of the race is the hardest. Keep in mind your motivation for entering. I write it on my arm sometimes. Remember, giving up will last a lot longer than the temporary discomfort you’re feeling at the time. 


The Red Bull Steeplechase takes place in Lynmouth on the 18th June.

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Sean in action: (Images by James Carnegie Photography)

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