Oscar Pereiro's Top Ten Road Cycling Tips

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about road cycling it's 2006 Tour de France winner and Dare 2b ambassador, Oscar Pereiro.

He shares his bike riding tips for staying comfortable and safe out there.

Road Cycling Tips

1 ) Check your brakes and your tyre pressure

Take a moment to check your brake pads before every ride - if they're lower than 3mm they should be replaced. If the surface looks glazed they can be scuffed with sandpaper. Press your tyres with a thumb as a quick pressure check - if it feels soft then pump up to recommended pressure written on the tyre. It's worth getting your bike properly serviced every six months or so but basic maintenance will ensure maximum responsiveness for your bike.

2) Always carry a tyre repair kit for punctures

If you're cycling long distances you absolutely don't want to get stuck with a flat. It's the kind of kit you hope to never have to use, but you should never be without, just in case.

3) Choose your clothing carefully

Check the weather forecast in advance and plan your cycling clothing accordingly - being the wrong temperature can ruin your ride. Layers are a great idea so you can adjust as the weather changes.

4) Never go cycling without your helmet

While a helmet is not the be all and end all of cycling safety, if you're racking up the hours on your bike, give yourself the best chance of being protected as you possibly can.

5) Sunglasses are for more than just sun

This is more of a problem where I come from in Spain where there are lots of mosquitoes flying around, but wearing glasses when you're cycling is really good for keeping dust and bugs out of your eyes - as well as the glare of the sun.

6) Go commando for comfort

Lycra cycling shorts are designed to be worn next to the skin. Might seem weird at first but trust me, you'll be so much more comfortable seam free. You can always wear shorts over the top.

7) Do not wear headphones 

We all love our tunes, but getting lost in your own world is not the wisest idea on a busy road. Your ears, as well as your eyes, are important for awareness when cycling.

8) Try to get out on low traffic areas or secondary roads

Look for alternative routes when you're cycling than the most obvious main roads. Find quieter roads to cycle on and you'll experience the true joy of road cycling.

9) Be aware of other drivers

In an ideal world as long as we do everything right we'd be totally fine - right? Well, we know that nobody's perfect, especially when it comes to driving, so always have your wits about you and never assume!

10) Respect traffic signals 100%

Respect the same signals as all other vehicles. We are one more vehicle on the road.

Thanks Oscar!

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