Motivational Songs For The Gym 2021

Sometimes it's tough finding the motivation to go the gym, something always seems to get in the way or you just feel unmotivated and tired after a busy day. So whether you're just starting your fitness journey or you have been at it for years, everyone could do with some extra motivation. Often the gym will have its own playlist but after a few weeks it does end up sounding repetitive and they aren't always for everyone as they normally have a mixture of different music genres and tastes.

Motivational Gym Playlists

We've been on the lookout for top-notch playlists suited for different types of workouts, as the ideal music to motivate you will differ depending on the type of workout you'll be doing.

Current Gym Playlist For Everyone

Spotify have got you sorted with their gym music 2021 playlist that has something for everyone, if you are working out in a group for a class this has the run down of the best songs of 2021 so far that will get you motivated to complete your workout.


Spotify have come through once again with their stretching playlist, with a range of music genres featuring relaxing music to ease you into your workout and also be suitable to wind down after your workout.


This endurance playlist also on Spotify is bound to help you keep going with the endurance training, with sounds aimed to help keep you going for the long haul.


We all know how important music is when doing cardio, we need something to motivate us to keep going, don't we?! That's why this cardio gym playlist is so great, full of upbeat motivational songs to help keep you moving!

Home Workout

With the recent pandemic closing gyms for the best part of a year lots have us have adapted to home workouts because lets face it, we didn't really have any other choice. Now gyms are open again there is many who cant wait to go back but there is also those who have enjoyed home workouts so much that they are continuing to stay home. If you are working out from home this home workout playlist is a great one for you.

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