Meet Jasmin Taylor - the British telemark skier ranked fourth in the world

Last season Jasmin Taylor won more medals at world skiing level than any other British athlete. Yet you probably haven’t heard of her, or her sport.

Originating in Norway, telemark combines elements of alpine, cross-country and ski-jumping. The style is graceful, flexible and challenging. When it comes to racing what sets it apart from downhill Jasmin explains is ‘we have a free heel (rather than a fixed alpine binding) which allows us a lunge position from turn to turn’.

Since securing Britain’s first Telemark medal at the Junior World Championships in 2012, Jasmin has gone from strength to strength. A series of wins earlier this year followed by Bronze at the World Championships sees her currently ranked at fourth in the world. Of course, ‘I’m hoping to better that this season’ she adds.

A second challenge for the year ahead is her ongoing campaign for telemarks inclusion in the Winter Olympic Games 2022.

‘we need as many (nations) as possible behind telemark (to make it an Olympic Sport), the more – the better. The German, Swiss, Norwegian and French teams are all very strong’.

The sport needs athletes from multiple nations to secure elite rankings before it can be considered for Olympic status. It’s thought the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will wait until after the 2018 Games before deciding its fate for 2022.

Photo credit > Pierre Raphoz

Follow Jasmin's blog to keep your eye on the exciting season ahead, or head to the TeamGB Telemark page if you are interested in having a go. Who knows, you could end up joining her in the Olympic dream? Pick up some of our fantastic women's ski wear and get practicing!

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