Color Run: 5 tips for racing the happiest 5km on the planet

Never heard of Color Run? Or about to do your first one? Here’s the lowdown.

Color Run is a series of untimed 5km runs that are all about having fun.

Inspired by the Hindu festival, Holi, revellers skip, dance, run or walk 5,000 metres through a magical world of rainbow colour.

Kitted out in white t-shirts and running shorts (or tutus), entrants head out in waves through bonkers colour zones and a dreamy foam zone, before winding up at the Finish Festival where the party continues with live music and DJs.

The Color Run presented by Skittles comes to Brighton

This summer’s races have seen kids, teenagers, adults and OAPs party together across the streets of London and Manchester. The tour finale takes place this weekend in Brighton.

Here are some top tips for having the best time.

1.Don’t stress about your fitness levels

This event is all about fun. If you can’t run, don’t worry, walk. Find yourself a 5km route, maybe on the way home from work or a loop around a local park, and practice. You will be surprised how quickly your legs, head and heart get used to the exercise.

2.Buy yourself some mega sunglasses

The cornstarch (used to spread the colour love) isn’t toxic in any way, but everything is more fun without dust in your eyes?! Grab yourself a ridiculous pair of glasses (don't forget you can dress as crazy as you like, everything goes) and head into the colour without a care in the world.

3.Rally the troops

Seriously, the more of you doing this, the funnier it will be and don’t forget it’s a family-friendly event – kids are totally welcome. Having someone to train with during the build-up adds to the comradery (especially if it’s the whole family together).

4. Grab some car seat covers

Boring, but true. If you're heading home in the car, then take some old bedding sheets or plastic bags to put over the seats. The colour does wash out, but it saves you a job.

5. Make a souvenir

Remember the best day ever with your colour drenched race shirt. Spray it with vinegar to until it’s completely soaked then allow it dry in the sun (if you can) before giving it a tumble dry to help fix the colour.

Follow the gorgeous Victoria Hearn on Instagram to see the action in Brighton this weekend. And if you haven't already, sign-up for next year.


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