60-seconds with snowboard athlete Krista Daisy

Boardercross athlete and thrillseeker, Krista Davis, touches on her first season training with Team GB, her fave music, ambitions and the one thing she would change about her sport.


Boardercross, also known as Snowboard Cross or SBX, is an adrenaline-filled team sport that pits four to six riders against one another as they give it their all through a fast, narrow course. The winner is the first to past the finish line. Famed for its’ speed, jumps, drops and the occasional collision, this sport is not one for the faint-hearted.

Yorkshire-born rider, Krista, gives us the lowdown on her adventurous life as an athlete.

How did you come across boardercross?

GBX Pioneers Zoë Gillings Brier (our Olympian) and her husband Dan Brier hold snowboard trials at indoor snow domes across the country.

Where do you train?

Various locations. At the moment we’re Austria - mainly we head to Hintertux Glacier and Pitztal Glacier. We also have Fitness training several days a week.

What do you love about it?

It's fast, challenging and I have met some amazing athletes from all over the world. Even though we score points individually, the team is like a family.

Is there anything you don't like about it?

The lack of funding, but hopefully as it's a fairly new sport in the Olympics that will change over the coming years as it is more recognised.

What do you listen to when you train?

Everything from Drum and Bass, to Eminem to Enter Shikari. I like to ride with a headphone in one ear or with the shockwave sound system in my racing helmet.

What competitions have you got coming up?

FIS after the new year, I'm super excited.

What are your ambitions?

I aim to train over the next four years and qualify for Europa Cup and eventually reach World Cup standard, it will be a long road, but it's definitely my main goal.

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