Ski Pants Buying Guide

Ski Pants or Ski Trousers are a key part of not only your look on the slopes but also in ensuring you keep your legs warm and dry on the mountain.

There are many factors to consider as ski pants can be made of many different types of fabric that affect the look, feel and often the waterproofness of the trousers. The type of skiing you will be doing will affect what ski pants will be most suitable.You also need to decide your budget and think about how often you plan to ski in the future. Dare 2b’s Ski pants are available in a range of different styles, waterproof ratings and prices so you can choose the best ski pant for you.

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Uninsulated Ski Pants

The most versatile type of ski pant or snow trousers is an uninsulated shell with a lining for a little extra warmth and comfort. If you get cold easily we'd recommend some shell pants and base layer leggings instead as layeringis always the efficient way to keep warm.

Insulated ski pants

Insulated ski pants consist of a waterproof "shell" outer layer with an inner insulated layer. The level of insulation will vary between different ski pants.For additional warmth, consider high-waisted ski salopettes or bib pants.

Softshell Ski Pants

Softshell ski pants are made from a soft woven fabric, in contrast to hard shell ski pant. Softshell ski pants will offer a greater freedom of movement and are highly breathable. They are well suited if you are particularly energetic on the slopes. They are also more suited if conditions are likely to be dry.

Waterproof Ski Trousers

All of the above ski pants offer some level of waterproofness or repellency. Waterproofness is measured using a hydrostatic head test. In this test fabric is pulled tight under a sealed tube of water, which is then absorbed over a period of time to determine how many millimeters of water the fabric can withstand before it seeps through. Dare 2b ARED waterproof technology is available from 5000 to 20,000.

Ski Pant Key Features

When choosing the best ski trousers and salopettes, it’s important to look out for the following features. Here at Dare 2b our ski trousers feature the following features to keep you dry and looking good on the slopes.

  • Fit

    If you like the retro racing glamour of a slim fit ski pant, look for 4-way stretch or softshell ski pant to allow for total freedom of movement and a great fit. For women, we also offer a wide selection of ski pants, including a skinny fit that offers really feminine silhouette that looks great with our luxe range of jackets and mid layers.

    For an even more bespoke fit, some of our snow pants in our men’s and women’s collections are available with varying leg lengths to suit all skiers. In addition, our kids collection includes a grow cuff to allow you to extend the length of your trousers as your littles one grow.

  • Stretch Fabric

    Stretch fabric ski pants maximise mobility and freedom of movement. Our most premium stretch technology is called AEP Kinematics which is designed to provide maximum freedom of movement by studying the bodies points of motion.

  • Snow Gaiter

    A snow gaiter is a waterproof seal that most ski pants have, designed to fit around your ski boots to keep snow and water from entering. Gaiters might have hooks that connect to your ski boots' buckles for extra protection, and they'll all be adjustable to ensure the right fit.

  • Cuff Reinforcement

    Unlike snowboard pants, ski pants are usually reinforced where the inner edge of the ski is likely to wear the fabric of the pants down. An extra-durable fabric is used to reinforce the cuffs and protect the pants against contact with your ski edges and crampons.

  • Fully Taped

    Fully-taped ski pants have every seam taped, on the inside of the seam, for ultimate waterproof protection.