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If you’re planning on going for a run, make sure you have access to everything you need. Here at Dare 2b, you’ll find waist belts, headbands and rucksacks available in a variety of colours and styles. Check out our current selection of running gear and accessories below and use the handy navigation on the left to filter by your desired style, size colour and price. Choose your favorite running gear, get out there and enjoy your run!

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Achieve Peak Performance With Dare 2b Essential Running Accessories

Get ready for your next run with the right running gear. When you’re new to running, it’s important to find a good pair of shoes that fit you well to prevent rubbing. It’s also wise to invest in some lightweight and technical running clothes to protect you from the elements and boost your performance, such as running jackets, exercise tops, jogging shorts and some comfy running leggings.

There are a few additional items that aren’t necessarily essential but can make a big difference in the quality of your runs if you bring them along for the ride. A water bottle for example could sound obvious, but it’s essential to keep hydrated to get the most out of your exercise and to manage your temperature when it’s hot outside. You can keep your hair in place with our practical and stylish headbands, for maximum visibility and minimal distraction. If you need more space for your equipment, you can opt for one of our waist belts or, for even more space, why don’t you check out our beautiful collection of showerproof rucksacks, available in different colors and styles!