Women’s Face Coverings

Featuring unique print designs, Dare 2b’s new range of ladies face coverings offer women a multipurpose option over traditional face masks. The multi tube design allows the face covering to be worn as a scarf and can be pulled upwards over the mouth and nose whenever you need protection. Our black face coverings are great when you’re going for an understated look, or you can opt for a colourful print pattern for when you want an accessory to set your outfit apart. Check out all of our current face coverings for women below!


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Multitube Face Coverings For Women

Looking for on-demand protection? Use one of our multitube women’s face coverings as a scarf throughout your day, that way you won’t have to rely on disposable face masks. What’s more, is that all of our ladies face coverings are designed to be washable and come in packs of two, allowing you to alternate whilst one is in the wash.