Ski Jackets Buying Guide

Are you searching for a ski jacket? Choosing a perfect partner on the slopes shouldn’t be a challenge. It’s essential to find a jacket to keep you warm and dry whilst looking good on the slopes. Here is the perfect guide to find the best ski jackets and all in one ski suits for your next skiing trip!

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It is important that you choose the right ski jacket to suit your needs, style and budget as it is the most important part of any ski outfit. We hope reading our ski jacket buying guide helps you make a more informed decision.

What are the best types ski jackets?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, investing in a good quality ski jacket is one of the most essential items of clothing you will need for skiing, especially to keep you warm and dry in any extreme weather on the mountains. Your ski jacket needs to be waterproof, hardwearing, look good and be comfortable. Depending on whether you are skiing of snowboarding in the mountains, this will change what type of ski jacket is best for you.

Insulated Ski Jackets

The colder the conditions, the thicker and insulated jacket you will need. Filled with a high loft polyester insulation, our Dare 2b ski jackets are made to keep you both warm and comfortable on the slopes. Some insulated jackets can be bulky, however our Dare 2b insulated ski jackets are made to be lightweight, ideal for layering other items of clothing for extra warmth in a much colder climate.

Shell Ski Jackets

A soft shell ski jacket is extremely versatile and can be used as an outer later for when the weather is warmer, or as an insulating layer underneath another jacket of your choice. Dare 2b's soft shell jackets have a water repellent finish, meaning they are much more breathable, however not as waterproof.

Soft shell Ski Jackets

A soft shell ski jacket is extremely versatile and can be used as an outer later for when the weather is warmer, or as an insulating layer underneath another jacket of your choice. Dare 2b's soft shell jackets have a water repellent finish, meaning they are much more breathable, however not as waterproof.

One-piece Ski Suits

For that extra style on the mountain, Dare 2b have a range of all in one ski suits for women, and are all designed in collaboration with English fashion designer Julien Macdonald. With a choice of 3 colour ways, all our suits are made in a softshell based fabric, have a waterproof treatment and a soft touch backing for that extra warmth you need.

Waterproof & breathable ski jackets

Everybody needs a ski jacket that will keep out the snow and let the moisture escape when you are either skiing or snowboarding! With Dare 2b's waterproof technology Ared, our Ared garments have all been tested in real-life weather conditions. These jackets range from our highest most waterproof Ared 20,000 to Ared 5,000, meaning the jackets can withstand differing amounts of water without moisture passing through the fabric. The jackets breathability ranges from our highest 10,000 to 5,000, the highest being great for all day high energy skiing.

Technologies to look out for

  • Ared - Garments that are engineered with Dare 2b's Ared fabrics provide durable waterproofness, keeping out water through prolonged use in harsh weather conditions. At Dare 2b we measure the waterproof level or hydrostatic head of all our garments, offering a full hierarchy of performance that starts at 5,000mm all the way up to 20,000mm.
  • Ared V02 stretch - This is our most advanced waterproof technology. Our garments that use this are ideal for high energy activities with freedom for movement and breathability. At Dare 2b we ensure under testing that during heavy exertion our fabrics must breathe well to a standard of 10,000/m2/24hrs.
  • AEP Kinematics - At Dare 2b, AEP Kinematic technology has been created to increase agility in our sports clothing. AEP Kinematics analyses the body's points of motion during any athletic performance. Using our own data collected in studies, AEP Kinematics introduces a new concept specifically designed for each activity, to enhance both power and agility, using 360 degree stretch fabric, advance articulation and an ergonomic fit.
  • Vect - VECT technology thermo-regulates the bodies temperature whilst you are active, keeping the individual at an optimum temperate for much longer. The soft thermo conductive ceramic coating is used on the inside of a product that absorbs the heat. This use of ceramic material between both skin and fabric creates a very personal microclimate.

Fit and Style

It is essential that your ski jacket should be the perfect fit as having a full range of movement is very important. If your new ski jacket is too bulky or tight, this will limit your performance. The correct fit of a ski jacket should keep you snug enough to trap warmth in yet not too tight to restrict any movement. Read on for more advice on how a ski jacket should fit.

Slim Fit Ski Jackets

Slimmer fitted jackets give more of a sport fit when you are on the slopes. The reduced amount of fabric makes jackets more streamlined when you are skiing. They also fit a little tighter, which may give you less room for layers underneath so consider upping your size. Some of our women's jackets are more fitted to pull in the feminine figure around the waist. This is either done with the cut of the jacket or are belted like some of the Julien Macdonald range!

Regular Fit Ski Jackets

Our Dare 2b regular fitting jackets give a little more room that the slim fit, but not as much as the relaxed jackets!

Relaxed Fit Ski Jackets

A relaxed fitting ski jacket gives a lot more room or layering and an extreme freedom of movement. This style of jacket is perfect for snowboarders or free riders!

What Ski Jacket do I need?

Another important aspect to bear in mind when buying a ski jacket is the type of skiing or snow sport that you intend on doing, as this will help to determine the type of ski jacket you will need to wear!

Types of Skiing

  • Piste Skiing – If you're planning to stay on piste for most of your day, then consider an insulated ski jacket for colder climates. If you are skiing in spring time then you may need only a softshell to keep you warm.
  • Freestyle Ski – Searching for an un-skied territory is no easy task therefore you will need a hardy outer shell to protect you from the elements. As well as insulated, it is recommended to put breathable layers underneath. You will be carrying these with you all day, so look for layers and shells that are lightweight. To keep you ventilated and cool, look for extremely breathable jackets for temperature regulation and features like pit zips.
  • Cross country ski - For shorter runs and getting the lift up to the top of the mountains, consider a shell jacket with layers underneath, so you can easily put on and take off in between the runs. This means you won't have lots of bulk to carry up and down with you.

Ski Jacket Key Features

It is important to look out for the following features when choosing the best ski jacket. Here at Dare 2b our ski jacket range features the following features to keep you safe, warm and looking good on the slopes!

  • Hood

    At Dare 2b, all of our ski jackets have a hood, but the adjustments can vary. Some hoods are adjustable or even removable, whilst others can be wired. Wired means that they will keep their shape which is perfect whilst on the slopes as the hood will be kept out of your face, remaining where you positioned it. You can add some style to your jacket with a faux fur hooded ski jacket from our Luxe ski range.

  • Underarm ventilation

    This feature is found on our more technical ski jackets, giving you the ability to zip open the underarms when you're feeling warm.

  • Articulation

    A more technical ski jacket has articulation in the arms, meaning the jacket is cut perfectly for your ski position, making it more comfortable. The feature also reduces any pull and tension in the jacket throughout the day.

  • Inner Wrist Cuffs

    This is a very underrated feature of a ski jacket as it ensures that no snow will be entering your jacket whilst you are on the slopes! It also keeps you more insulated.

  • Snow Skirt

    This is a vital feature when it comes to a ski jacket as it prevents snow from entering the bottom of your jacket. This is in case you are about to fall, or even if there is a heavy snowfall. Some snow skirts can also be removable.

  • Audio Pocket

    At Dare 2b, some of our best men's and women's ski jackets have an audio pocket that is fitted to the inner of the jacket so you can listen to music whilst you ski or snowboard. The wire can pass out through the inner pocket.

  • Ski Goggle Pocket

    Added to some of our Dare 2b ski jackets are a soft touch inner pocket, keeping them from being scratched when they aren't being worn.