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What to Wear Running

Set yourself up to smash your running goals with the right running gear for all weather conditions. Give your running wardrobe a boost and disrupt the norm with some brand new running clothes. Whether you’re running in hot, cold or rainy weather, our specialised running clothing is designed with advanced fabric technologies to help push you further.

Clothes to Wear When Running in 2021

What to Wear Running in Summer

Stay cool and in control in summer with temperature regulating, breathable running gear. Staying hydrated on the move will also help keep to keep you cool when running in challenging conditions. Wondering what you need to wear for running in the warm weather? We recommend...

Breathable Running Tops

Allow yourself to push further than before with a lightweight breathable running top. Designed with mesh back ventilation and strong wicking performance, our t-shirts will help keep you cool and in control when the temperature rises.

Elasticated Shorts

Kit yourself out with a pair of running shorts which will move with you. Our men’s and women’s running shorts are built with a two-layer construction and a shaped elasticated waistband for ultimate running performance. In case you do get caught in a summer shower, our running shorts are also water repellent so you can stay comfortable on the move.

Hydration Backpack

Making use of a hydration backpack will allow you to top up on essential fluids without the need to stop. Our hydration backpacks offer unrestricted movement, meaning you can stay hydrated without hindering performance. If you love to take on long runs in summer, we would definitely recommend that you invest in a hydration backpack for your next outdoor challenge.

running clothing for summer

Running in winter

When the temperature drops, make sure you don’t feel the effects by wearing running clothing which can regulate your body temperature. Our BODY technology helps to regulate your internal temperature, keeping you warm and dry when you’re pushing the pace. If you're planning on running in snowy conditions, have a read of our dedicated guide on what to wear running in the snow.

Running Mid layers

With a handy zip for temperature control, our mid layers are adaptable to changing external and internal temperatures. For extra cold days, our mid layers can be worn underneath a wind shell running jacket for the ultimate weather beating running outfit in winter.

Body Thermal Base Layers

For enhanced comfort while running, take a look at our base layers for men and women. The seamless construction will help to reduce friction and irritation when in motion. The cleverly designed fast wicking fabric will also help to wick sweat and moisture away from the skin, allowing you to stay focused and push yourself to your limits.


With the rest of your body covered in high performing running clothes, the remaining areas of your body exposed to the harsh weather will be your head and hands. Beanie hats and a warm pair of gloves are an effective and unintrusive way to protect you from the distracting bite of the cold. You can even go a step further and wear a gaiter, which will keep your face warm as you breathe out.

Waterproof Running Jacket

Give your running wardrobe a boost with a windproof and waterproof jacket, which will help to keep you going when you’re battling the elements. Made from ultra-light polyester fabric and articulated sleeve design, our running jackets will give you that bit of protection you need without hindering performance. Discover more of our recommendations on what to wear running in the rain in our separate guide.

Man running in winter wearing a blue fleece

Running in the Mountains

If you’re a thrill seeker who loves to explore over mountainous terrain, we’ve got a great selection of trail running products which will be just right for you. Preparation is key when taking on the mountain so make sure you have the right kit before setting off.

Trail Running Shoes

When trail running, it’s essential to have a sturdy pair of trail running shoes to navigate the uneven terrain. Our versatile trail shoes are specifically designed to be shock absorbing on rocky descents. To combat overheating, our trail shoes also come with a breathable mesh to easily allow heat and moisture to escape.

Rucksack with Hydration Unit

Every outdoor adventurer needs a rucksack which will help them adapt to constantly changing weather and environments. Taking a rucksack will allow you to pack in extra layers and essential outdoor supplies such as food and a mobile phone.

Our 20-litre sports rucksack also comes with a built-in hydration rucksack, which allows you to top up on essential fluids while navigating over the terrain. There are also handy features such as ergonomic shoulder straps which contour the body for a dynamic fit, a fitted back panel which helps to keep the backpack in place while moving and internal organisers to separate all your mountain essentials.

trail running in the mountains

Running in the dark

If you’re an early riser or late finisher, it’s important to wear the right equipment in poor visibility. You can find more in-depth recommendations on what you should wear over on our guide on what to wear running in the dark, however in a nutshell we recommend you wear reflective clothing.

Reflective Running Clothing

Stay safe in the dark by wearing running clothing with reflective detail. Whether you’re running on the road or in the countryside, make sure you can be seen by others during early morning jogs or late night runs.

Our design team uses Biomotion technology which specifically places retro-reflective trims on moveable joints, which has been shown to improve performance. Biomotion technology allows a person to be seen as a human, rather than an object, which can be especially useful when running down country tracks and narrow roads. A reflective jacket will provide a large surface area for light to bounce off of you, keeping you safe and seen by motorists and cyclists around you.


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