What To Wear To Spin Class

Spinning has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and especially during the pandemic you couldn't get your hands on any form of home gym equipment and spinning bikes flew off the shelves. It's a great form of exercise, bringing a whole load of benefits including:

  • Burning Calories - Spinning can burn around 450 calories for a one-hour session. (Though obviously this will depend on several factors such as your weight, height, and intensity of the session.)
  • Cardiovascular Health - Spinning can improve/help your cardiovascular health as it works on your lung capacity.
  • Low Impact - Spinning is low impact and is said to be great for anyone who is looking to get into fitness or has been out due to injury.
  • Builds Strength - If you are looking to strengthen and tone your legs and core then spinning is the one for you as spinning really works in these areas.
  • Community -¬†As with a lot of fitness classes, spin class can bring a great sense of community.

Now that the gyms are back open after the national lockdown, classes should be starting in the next few weeks. If you're thinking of getting involved in a local spin class, it's important to wear the right gear. In this post, we'll cover some of the essentials to wear in order to stay at peak performance.

What To Wear For Spin Class

You need to make sure you're going to stay comfortable throughout your class as you're bound to sweat, spin class is no walk in the park. One tip we have for you is to always avoid cotton as it's harder for you to regulate your temperature, resulting in you getting hotter and making it harder for you to keep cool.


Leggings are always the easy option when it comes to exercise, they are available in a multitude of colours so there is always something for everyone! When it comes to spinning you need to ensure you get tight-fitting leggings as anything else may get caught to the bike or peddle during your exercise which could be not only annoying but dangerous too.

We have a wide range of women's leggings that would be appropriate for spin class.

Our current favourites are our Laura Whitmore Influential Leggings Dragonfly Ink Print not only is this blue stand out print perfect for spring, summer but these consist of Q-Wic lightweight polyester and elastane fabric to keep you cool and help keep the sweat away.

If you are looking for a cooler option these leggings are also available in a 3/4 Length as as well as our classic Women's Influential 3/4 Length Leggings.

For men we recommend our Men's Abaccus II Lightweight Fitness Tights that again comes complete with Q-Wic fabric construction and mesh backing allows sweat to be pulled away from your body and allows your body to breathe and feel cooler.

Top Tip: For extra added comfort we recommend getting some padded underwear to help keep you comfortable on the bike!


Shorts are always a good idea for spin, as mentioned previously spin is no walk in the park and is a high-intensity exercise therefore you will sweat. Shorts are a great way to ensure you stay cool when working out. Not only do we recommend normal gym shorts we also recommend trying out cycling shorts as these are made for sitting on a bike just like spin they will usually come with added features to make your experience a whole lot more comfortable. Our Our Men's Ecliptic II Lightweight Gel Cycling Shorts as pictured provide a 3D-stretch Performance Gel Pad to make sitting on a bike that little bit more comfortable. They also come complete with sweat-wicking Q-Wic fabric with elastane for full-motion stretch.

We also stock a range of kids' and women's cycling shorts too.

For women we would recommend our Women's Habit Foam Insert Cycling Shorts, this sleek black design come complete with motion-friendly Q-Wic polyester-stretch fabric and 2D moulded stretch multi density foam insert that is bound to keep you comfortable when on your bike. These shorts are also Sweat-wicking and quick-drying and will therefore keep you cool whilst taking your spin class.

Top Tip: Always looks for shorts that provide you with padding, this will provide you with much more comfort when on a bike for a long period of time!


By now you will understand when it comes to spin class it is all about staying comfortable and cool and your top is no different. This is why we recommend a tank top although we do realise tank tops are not for everyone in this case we would recommend a cap sleeve top that is complete with Q-Wic fabric to keep you cool.

We have a wide range of women's gym tops in a vast amount of colours including tank tops from our Swarovski Embellished collection and Laura Whitmore edit. Our Women's Modernize II Vest is the perfect addition to your spinning outfit, with the flattering racerback design consisting of our stand out Q-Wic fabric.

If tank tops are not your thing then our Women's Quick Drying T-Shirts made from Q-Wic polyester knit fabric are the perfect alternative.

For men we have a range of lightweight gym tops including the Righteous II Recycled Lightweight Tee. Made from Q-Wic lightweight polyester fabric with airflow mesh again to keep you cool.

Top Tip: We recommend a tank top for spinning class to allow you to be as cool as possible!


Arguably the most important factor when it comes to any exercise, although some say you may need a pair of indoor cycling trainers when taking part in spin, it is not always necessary, most certainly do not go out and buy any new shoes before trying out spinning first. All spin bikes will have a peddle with adjustable straps to keep your feet secure and are compatible with most sports trainers.

However, if spinning and cycling are something you enjoy and want to do regularly then looking into cycling shoes might be your better option. Cycling shoes allow your shoes to automatically attach to the peddle of a spin bike rather than have to strap your feet to the peddle that allows for a more efficient experience.









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