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What to Wear Running in Rain

Whether you're partial to the occasional run or you've just started running as a new year's resolution, having the right running clothes makes a world of difference for your overall comfort as you exercise, but the 'right' clothing varies between season, as running gear that performs will in the summer isn't necessarily equipped to get you through the winter. Rain, however, is prone to visit during any time of the year, especially here in the UK, so - what should you wear when running in the rain? Read on for our top recommendations.

Running in the Rain: What to Wear

If you're running all year round, there are two types of rain you'll encounter, the usual cold drizzle, or humid rain during the occasional heatwave. Layering up is the best way to deal with both types of weather, though you'll need to layer up in slightly different ways. This article is all about what to wear when running in the rain, but you can also discover more of our recommendations on what clothes to wear running during normal weather.

What to Wear Running in Cold Rain

Base Layer

Base layers regulate your core temperature by keeping you cool when you've worked up a sweat, even when you're cold. They're a very thin layer designed to be worn underneath your t-shirt and bottoms, offering extra compression for enhanced performance. Pick up one of our women's base layers or base layers for men to start off the layering process.

Breathable T-Shirt

Next up is a short or long sleeve t-shirt, whichever you prefer. Our breathable running tops are designed to wick moisture away and prevent odours thanks to our Q-WIC technology and antibacterial fabric, but most importantly they'll serve as the next barrier between you and your outer shell layer.

Waterproof Jacket

Since you're dealing with the rain, this is the most important layer in your running outfit. Depending on your preference, you can either opt for a lightweight running jacket or softshell if you prefer to travel light, or opt for a full-on waterproof jacket if you find you get cold easily, so long as either jacket you decide to wear has a suitable hood to deflect the rain.

Joggers, Tights or Leggings

Any of these full-length running bottoms will do, and they'll perform even better if you do decide to wear a base layer underneath them. It's also not uncommon to wear a pair of running shorts over the top of some base layer leggings if running to the gym is part of your workout routine, but once again it's all about preference and how resistant you are to the cold weather.

Essential Accessories

A nice warm beanie and a pair of gloves will add the final touch to your running outfit. While they won't be as protected as the rest of your body, they'll certainly help keep the movement in your fingers and stop your head from getting too cold.

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What to Wear Running in Warm Rain

Vest / Short Sleeve Top

Running vests and short sleeve tops are the go-to gym attire, so it's no surprise we're recommending them for running in humid conditions. There are plenty of technical running tops in our collection for you to take advantage of, offering benefits such as quick-wicking, speedy drying and breathability to help you through your running session.


If you don't mind your legs getting a little bit wet, running shorts will work fine - you're still running in warm weather after all. If you want to keep your legs dry, combine a pair of shorts with some base layer leggings for a comfortable solution.

Lightweight Jacket

Whilst vests and short sleeve tops will help ventilate your body heat, the heat will stay trapped within your jacket unless you opt for a lightweight, breathable running jacket to let the build-up escape efficiently as you're running.

Need Some New Running Clothes?

Treat yourself to some new running gear to motivate you to beat your personal best!

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Running Jackets

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Running Tights

We hope you found our guide on what to wear running in the rain useful. For more great running content, check out the running section of our blog.

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