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What to Wear Cycling

Your adventures on two wheels will vary an awful lot over the course of the year, whether that's experiencing new MTB trails or road routes, one thing's for certain - the weather will test you all year round. That's why it's important to wear the right gear for the right climate. In this guide, you'll discover all of our cycling clothing recommendations for cycling in the summer, winter, rain and dark.

Cycling In 2021: What to Wear 🚴‍♂️

Come rain or shine, our cycle clothing recommendations will keep you on top of your game.

What to Wear Cycling in Summer

If you plan on cycling in the warm weather, you'll work up a sweat significantly faster than normal. That means you'll need to keep cool by regulating your temperature with the help of some breathable or sweat-wicking cycling clothes. Breathable gear helps ventilate built-up heat, whereas sweat-wicking fabrics to help direct sweat off of your body and quickly dry your clothes. If you're cycling in 15 degree heat, you'll really start to feel the benefits of wearing the right gear, but it's important not to forget hydration too - so water bottles are a must regardless of the clothing you wear. Read on for some of our quick-fire summer cycle clothing recommendations:

Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Save the layering for the colder weather. For now, you'll want a stylish short sleeve cycling jersey to serve as your outer layer, allowing your arms to feel the breeze as you peddle along. You could also consider wearing a vest if the weather allows for it, so that your whole outfit will give you unrestricted range of motion and less room for friction.

Cycling Shorts

Just like your jersey, you'll want to go for the shorter length option for your legwear, so skip the leggings and opt for a pair of padded cycling shorts to help out with your performance. Shorts are fantastic for ventilation in general, but they're even better at keeping you cool when you're travelling at speed. If you haven't already got a decent pair of shorts, you can learn more about the benefits of shorts and what features to look out for over on our guide to choosing the right cycling shorts.

What to Wear Cycling in Winter

Next up is winter cycle clothing, which is all about layers layers layers. A lot of personal preference is involved in layering up, so go with whatever you feel the most comfortable in. For many, that'll be their usual cycle jersey with a jacket worn over the top, for others it's wearing base layer sets underneath long-sleeve jerseys and choosing cycle leggings over shorts. It's also worth putting some mud guards on your bike to prevent muddy water from kicking up off your tyres onto your clothes. Check out our winter cycle clothing suggestions below, or discover more over on our guide on what to wear cycling in the winter.

Cycling Jacket

Cycling jackets are designed with plenty of different uses in mind. Here at Dare 2b, we offer both water resistant and windshell cycling jackets, both of which feature vented mesh to allow airflow.

Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Nothing new here - jerseys will always be the go-to underlayer for cycling, but for the colder months you should wear a long sleeve jersey if possible.

Optional: T-Shirt + Base Layer Combo

Wearing a base layer underneath a t-shirt is an alternative to a long sleeve jersey. Base layers are often designed with sweat wicking properties just like cycle jerseys, so you'll still get to make use of the quick-drying technology to prevent nasty wind chill from built-up sweat, all while making sure the wind doesn't come into direct contact with your skin thanks to their long sleeves.

Cycling Trousers / Tights

Cycling tights will out-perform shorts in the cold weather if your goal is to keep warm, though it's still fairly common to see cyclists wear shorts all year round thanks to the ventilation they offer. Your legwear will come largely down to personal preference, but either choice is fine as long as they're padded and comfortable enough for you.


Cycling gloves don't need an introduction - they're a cycling essential unless you're a fan of callouses and poor grip. They'll help keep your hands warm, but they're more important in helping you keep your balance whilst cycling in the less than desirable conditions.

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What to Wear Cycling in the Rain

Cycling during the rain definitely ranks high on the list of the most inconvenient times to cycle, but if you're determined to keep up with your goals, you'll have to power on through. Discover our quick-fire recommendations below or head over to our dedicated guide on what to wear cycling in the rain.

Cycling Jacket

With a decent waterproof cycling jacket on, your upper body is pretty much the only part of your body that won't be wet by the end of your ride. It'll also help protect against pelting winds, shielding your body from windchill if you've built up a sweat. Check out some of our best cycle jackets on offer if you're after a new addition to your cycling wardrobe.

Cycling Jersey

A short or long sleeve cycling jersey will perform fine when cycling in the rain, either option is there to help wick sweat from your skin and regulate your body temperature. Moisture vapour will begin to build up inside your jacket, which is why it's important to make sure your jacket is breathable.

Cycling Tights

During your rainy ride, your legs are going to take most of the punishment from the cold weather and splashing puddles. You could probably do with a nice warm shower after cycling in the rain regardless of the type of legwear you prefer, but cycling tights will stop dirt from getting directly onto your skin than shorts, which is much more preferable if you're commuting to work.


Your handlebars are definitely going to get wet, so make sure to maintain good grip with a pair of cycling gloves.

What to Wear Cycling at Night

During the darker hours, it's important to make sure that you're as visible as possible to passers-by. Of course, your bike will already have reflectors and potentially even a light, but reflective clothing will also help increase your visibility. At Dare 2b, our Biomotion technology makes use of reflective materials by positioning them at high-movement areas of our garments, allowing light to continuously bounce off the material to ensure you're seen while on the go. Check out our clothing tips below or head over to our in-depth guide on what to wear cycling at night.

Reflective Cycling Jacket

It's cold out there at night, so it's time to wrap up warm with a nice outer layer. Reflective jackets offer both water and wind protection, but more importantly they're there to make sure motorists can see you.

Cycling Jersey

If you find yourself getting too warm, you'll be able to take your jacket off for some well-needed ventilation. Cycling jerseys are also available with elements of reflective detailing, so you'll still be able to be spotted if you're wearing the right jersey.

Cycling Shorts / Tights

Your legwear will depend on the weather, but generally either choice is fine here. Choose which ever you feel the most comfortable in.

We hope you found our guide on what to wear cycling useful. Check out our cycling section for more great content to do with life on two wheels.

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