Red Bull Quicksand - How hard can 1 mile be?

‘Red Bull Quicksand could be the most challenging mile you’ve ever ran.’

(runners expend 1.6 times more energy on sand than running on a road surface) – the course is festooned with all kinds of sandy climbs, giving competitors a full examination of endurance, acceleration and bursts of speed.

Making the most of our surroundings here at Farm Fitness here is an effective simple workout in itself - no fancy gym kit required - in readiness for Red Bull Quicksand

Bursts of explosive speed and power will be huge elements to the race with plenty of uneven surfaces and climbs thrown in the mix. This workout is the ideal protocol to replicate race day; resisted tyre sprints to imitate the energy expenditure which the drag of the sand will bring, as well as focusing on short bursts of speed, which will be needed after tackling each obstacle/hill of the race.

No flat surface pavement pounding in this race – prepping your ankles/knees for the uneven surfaces is a crucial component, along with taxing yourself with the muscle ups to mimic the gas of the hills.

Aim for 8 rounds –

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