Oscar Pereiro #IAmMoreThanOne

Dare 2b are proud to sponsor 2006 Tour De France winner, Oscar Pereiro.

We caught up with him to find out what it means to him to be part of something bigger than him.


"After years retired from professional sport, sometimes I wonder where I get my extra energy from. Day to day, I will face whatever challenge comes at me as if it’s the most important competition in the world, whether an everyday activity or sport. For me, the answer is simple. It comes from my basic foundations, the groundings I had in my education as a child.

Education prepares you to face the longest part of your existence, giving you the qualities you need in sport. It prepares you to be a true fighter.

Without a doubt, the most difficult time for an athlete is their beginnings. As kids, we ask ourselves why we have to do certain things and don’t understand the character-building discipline that we’re subjected to. The ‘scoldings’ from our parents, who only mean to teach us, seem unfair, unfounded. But it’s this discipline that becomes an athlete’s deadliest weapon.

The word ‘surrender’ does not exist in the head of an athlete.

I remember those cold, windy, rainy days where all you’d want to do was stay in bed just for one day, but instead six hours of hard training, alone, would be waiting. It wasn’t easy to see the positive in a day like that. But that’s exactly what you need - positive. It’s those words that I hear repeatedly in life, thanks to a former child trainer, “Even a day like this had its positive side.”

So, I didn’t stay in bed. I got up, put on my waterproof clothes and loaded my head with positive things. I had to face the worst of days with joy and excitement because it’s the mind that moves the world and successful training has to be fuelled by desire from the mind. If I could consider myself a strong guy with no weaknesses, instead of wasting time thinking, “what a crap day,” I could beat the others who were having the same negative thoughts. If I trained six hours and only one of my rivals did not, I had already won and I’d improve when others would not. It might be cheating the mind, but believe me, turning negatives into positives makes the results of a workout truly different when the head is ‘on fire’.

All the discipline, advice and experience I’ve had since my beginnings continue to accompany me every day and, unless I lose my mind, they always will. The current situation, a crisis, the difficulties of the day-to-day aren’t easy. But if I can give any advice, it’s that sport will help to push you through those obstacles with a cleaner head and the ability to see the future more positively. Your greatest rival is you and, if you manage to overcome every minute of every day, the result you want will be closer.

Never forget that in life as in sport the result is cooked minute by minute. If you give up, you will have lost, but if you pull forward you may have the victory within reach."

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