top snowboarding tips for beginners

Learning To Snowboard: Top 5 Tips

Trying to snowboard for the first time? We’ve put together some top tips to help you get off the ground as quick as possible. Follow some of our top tips to make sure your first time on the slopes is a smooth ride.

1. Try a few lessons before your Snowboarding holiday

Before jetting off to the mountains, make the most of artificial slopes here in the UK. Having a few lessons before your first boarding holiday will give you a better start when you’re on the slopes for real. Why not take a trip to Chill Factore in Manchester or Xscape in Milton Keynes.

2. Get your Snowboarding gear right

Wearing the right snowboarding gear when learning to snowboard will give you a headstart when it comes to learning to snowboard. If you’re getting to grips with boarding on the mountain, make sure to layer up your outfit to maximise comfort.

Having a good quality base layer is also important to keep your body temperature just right. Wearing a breathable base layer will quickly remove any moisture and allow it to escape, leaving you warm, comfortable and ready to take on the mountain.

Take a look at our snowboarding collection for all your essentials. We have a range of base layers, mid layers, ski trousers suitable for snowboarding and also insulated, waterproof ski jackets which are the ideal choice for your first snowboarding trip.

3. Enjoy the ride and have fun!

Learning to snowboard can be super frustrating, you might find that the first few days are really difficult but stick with it, you’ll get there eventually. Try to stay calm and patient during your first few lessons and you’ll be owning the mountain in no time at all.

beginner snowboarding

Photo: Mattias Olsson

4. Reward your hard work with Apres Ski

You’re going to be working hard learning to snowboard so you deserve to reward yourself, right? Make sure to make the most of Apres Ski time after each day on the slopes. Even if it does have ski in the title, it doesn’t mean borders can’t join in the fun.

Apres ski is it ritual of heading to a bar between the hours of 5pm - 7pm and celebrating with some drinks and table-top dancing, what’s not to like? If you’re snowboarding in a resort, make sure to scope out the best apres ski spots before you travel.

5. Improve your fitness before your trip

Snowboarding is a tiring sport and during your first few days, you will be aching. Before your trip, it’s a good idea to train the major muscle groups you’ll use when snowboarding, which are your legs and core. Snowboard athlete Krista Daisy recently shared some of her top snowboarding exercises, which you can also use before snowboarding. Try throwing in some deadlifts, goblet squats, lunges and dead bugs into your next gym routine.

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