Seriously good holidays in the Alps aren’t for winter only, once the snow has melted the French resort, La Plagne, is an absolute dream. Majestic mountains, ‘Disneyesque’ meadows, the best cheeses (ever?), oh and you can get some great deals on accommodation ‘off-peak’.

So what are you waiting for? Lakeside lazing or bumper-to-bumper activities, keep scrolling to see how to live your best life on the slopes this summer.


Forget mucky tiles and soggy chips, this public swimming pool and wellbeing centre is on another level. Nestled in the valley with views of the mountain tops (and a fitting church spire), this expansive space includes a huge spa and relaxation area with saunas, Turkish baths and a cold plunge pool. For added bonus points the whole project is powered by solar panels and a heat pump. This place is seriously relaxing.

Expect to pay > from 6 euro 50 for an adult day pass.


Hike from village to village, embrace the breath-taking views and enjoy snooze-worthy lunch spots under the shade of a tree. If you fancy some proper backpacking you can follow the 600D, a 110 km loop along the trails - people famously race the route each summer! The dedicated website provides detailed maps and tips.

Expect to pay > Not a jot. Visit Tourist Information and grab free maps or download routes to your phone before you go.


Huge pool jumps, steep abseils and big adrenaline, canyoning is one of the most fun and exhilarating activities out there. People of all ages and abilities can get involved, all you need is a knowledgeable, local guide to lead you down the mountain. Zip up your neoprene suit, grab your helmet and get ready for an action-packed day unlike any other.

Expect to pay > It depends on group size and ability, but upwards of 25 euros including equipment.

BikePark à la Plagne - Savoie - France - Photo:


To some purist cyclists out there the mere mention of an electric bike is enough to make them splutter and stammer, but in mainland Europe, the e-bike is having its moment, and it’s easy to see why. The hills are high and the summers are hot in the Alps, a bit of help from a small motor means you can reach places you normally wouldn’t, and that can’t be such a bad thing, can it?

This summer La Plagne opened a series of ‘E-spots’ - these routes with raised bends and bumps are designed specifically for having fun on electric mountain bikes. On August 15th they will host the first edition of ‘Fest E-bike La Plagne’. The full-day event includes free guided tours, aperitifs and timed races.

If heading out onto the roads to explore villages is more your thing you can hire town or road bikes too.

Expect to pay > prices vary between bikes, but 20 euros and upwards per day is fairly standard.

The nearest airport to La Plagne is Geneva, hire a car or take a bus to reach the resort. Don't forget to bring a nice warm jacket 😉

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