How to Choose the Best Running Jacket

Running is a great way to keep fit and exercise outdoors without the need of a gym. Whether you're road running or running in the outdoors you will need protection from the elements. A good quality running jacket is essential for every runner but there are lots to choose from. Looking for a lightweight, waterproof or windproof running jacket? here’s some advice to help you choose the right one for your running wardrobe.

Best Running Jackets: Picking the Right One for You

Each runner has different needs, and truth be told, the 'best' running jacket changes all year round, depending on the weather and season. Below, you'll discover all of the best types of running jackets to help fend off the weather all year round.

Protection from the weather

Your running jacket should shield you from the wind and the rain while out running. When running in colder or wet conditions a good technical running jacket should keep you dry and warm by keeping the rain out while breathable enough to let moisture escape from the body. There is nothing worse than when the wind hits you while sweating causing a wind-chill effect making you feel cold and uncomfortable. Whatever kind of runner you are, and whatever the elements throw at you choosing one of the following types of running jackets will give you the protection you need.

Waterproof Running Jackets

Waterproof running jackets are 100% waterproof, and ideal for someone who is going to be running for a prolonged period of time and distances in all weathers. Our technical running jackets feature tapes seams to keep the rain out, mesh linings for air flow to keep moisture away from the skin and underarm vents for breathability, although not as light and breathable as a water resistant jacket our waterproof running jackets are still lightweight for optimum performance.

waterproof running jacket in grey/black

Men's Mediant II Waterproof Running Jacket

Reasons to Buy

• Waterproof and breathable Ared 10/23 lightweight polyester ripstop fabric

• Taped seams

• Hi-tech water repellent centre front zip with autolock slider and inner zip & chin guard

• Bio Motion Reflective Technology

Windproof Running Jackets

If you are running in urban areas, short distances or on track a windproof jacket is ideal. Windproof running jackets are very lightweight for optimal performance, protect you from getting cold but do not protect from consistent heavy rainy conditions, so prepare to get wet. Windproof running jackets are ideal to use in warmer climates or in summer months as they don’t provide warmth, so on colder days team with one of our wicking base layer sets for the perfect defence against the weather. Some windproof jackets have detachable sleeves making them ideal if you get to warm.

windproof running jacket in orange

Women's Rebound Lightweight Windshell

Reasons to Buy

• Wind resistant fabric

• Detachable sleeves with zips to the front and magnets to the rear

• Reflective detail

Water Resistant Running Jackets

Water resistant fabrics will keep out light showers making them perfect for urban running, while our waterproof resistant jackets don’t provide the same level of protection than a fully taped seem waterproof running jacket, water resistant jackets are more breathability making for a more comfortable run or jog. The breathability of a jacket is important as this is essential for releasing perspiration from the body keeping you dry inside your jacket. If a running jacket wasn’t breathable this would mean while you work up a sweat, your perspiration would condense making you wet from the inside, leading to cold chills. To achieve maximum performance your running jacket should be lightweight and feature an ergonomic slim fit, delivering maximum freedom of movement, our water resistant running jackets are ideal.

blue water resistant running jacket

Men's Oxidate Lightweight Running Jacket

Reasons to Buy

• Wind resistant fabric & Water repellent finish

• Articulated sleeve design

• Reflective detail

• Mesh ventilated back panel

Reflective Running Jackets

When running at night or when the dark evenings descend in winter, it’s essential you stay safe running out on the roads. If you want to make sure you are visible enough to drivers, you will need to be wear a running jackets that includes reflective details. This will allow you to run and exercise after dark giving you piece of mind while achieving your fitness goals. Here at Dare 2b we have developed a cutting edge fabric technology to keep you safe and seen.

Biomotion Reflective Technology

Biomotion Reflective Technology is our latest development in to the use of retro-reflective trims. Research into the placement of retro-reflective on garments ha shown significant increases in performance when placed on moveable joints. Biomotion allows a person to be detected as a human rather than an object. We have utilised and placed reflective strategically to optimise the wearer’s visibility at greater distances, which allows us to use less but more effective reflective.

Yellow reflective running jacket

Mediant Waterproof Reflective Cycling Jacket

Reasons to Buy

• Bio Motion Reflective Technology

• Water repellent finish

• Taped seams

• Hi-tech water repellent centre front zip with autolock slider and inner zip & chin guard

Features to Look Out For

You should now know the pros and cons of each style and have an idea on what running jacket is right for you. Other features you should consider when choosing a running jacket are as follows:


If you are planning on running long distances, having handy pockets to stash snacks to keep your energy up is essential. If you are only running locally you might not need pockets at all. Pockets add bulk to your running jacket and could hinder your performance, our zipped pocket designs are expertly designed and placed on the rear reducing bulk, allowing you to carry keys or phones as well something to play your latest running playlist.

Elasticated Cuffs & Thumb Loops

Elasticated cuffs will keep in warm, keep out the rain and also provide a more fitted silhouette achieving a streamlined fit. There’s nothing worse than having bulking gear slowing you down. However always wear a running jacket which allows full freedom of movement and doesn’t feel restrictive.

Mesh Lining

As mentioned earlier, keep an eye out for a running jacket with an inner mesh lining. This is essential for keeping moisture away from the skin when pushing through on those long 5k runs, as well as allowing your body to vent some built-up heat along the way.

Reflective / Hi-Vis Detailing

Reflective details allow you to be more visible when running at night or when light is low. Here at Dare 2B, our BIOMOTION tech is placed around high-motion areas of your body, taking advantage of the movement by allowing light to bounce and reflect continuously off of your body to alert passers-by, making it ideal to wear when running at night.

We hope you found our guide on how to choose the best running jacket useful. For more running tips and advice, check out the running section of our blog.

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