women's high waisted gym leggings

Why should you choose high waisted gym leggings?

How annoying is it when you're trying to get a good work out on, but you are constantly aware of your gym leggings slipping down, your waist band flipping over and just generally being irritated by your leggings! One easy way to avoid all of these problems is to start wearing high waisted gym leggings.

Here are our top reasons why you should update your activewear with our stylish women's high waisted gym leggings.

Why Choose High Waisted Gym Leggings?

All leggings are meant to fit well, but sometimes that isn't the case with standard leggings. The thin waistband can either stretch out of shape or they can feel restrictive and dig into the skin around the stomach area. High waisted leggings don't have this issue thanks to the thicker waistband.

high waisted leggings

Don’t Sweat It Gym Leggings in Black

This thicker waistband not only sits better on your body, it's also more supportive and shaping. Having the extra material at the waistband means you don't have to constantly adjust your gym leggings, you don't need to be pulling them up all the time and you can carry out your workout in comfort. They also help to provide extra coverage, again allowing you to focus on your workout whether you're squatting, planking or going for a spin.  High waisted gym leggings tend to be more flattering and more functional for most people.

high waisted gym leggings

Influential 3/4 Recycled Gym Leggings in Black Mirage Print

One of the main reason high waisted gym leggings are so popular is because they look good on everyone! They can be paired with matching sports bras, cropped tops or oversized t-shirts, whatever you feel comfortable in. They're a wardrobe staple that don't necessarily need to be solely worn in the gym. A good pair of high waisted leggings can take you from a quick trip to the shops, all the way to a HIIT class and you'll feel comfortable and supported through it all!

You can shop our full range of gym leggings here and if you're looking for a full gym fit, why not have a look at the rest of our women's activewear? Alternatively, you can shop our new pieces here.

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