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Introducing Hex! Your New Favourite Gym Shoes

Are you looking for gym trainers that support you at every step? Maybe you want a pair of gym shoes that have been created to flex, cushion and mould to the way your foot moves? Well look no further than our latest footwear release - Hex.

What's special about our gym shoes?

As the name suggests the hexagon is a key part of the construction and conception of the shoe. The entire sole has been created using hexagons. These hexagons have been shaped together in a way that really maximises the benefits of the shape. The sole and foot bed is created out of EVA which makes our Hex AT gym trainer super comfortable and supportive, whilst providing stability and flexibility.

Hex AT Gym Trainer

Men's Hex-At Recycled Gym Trainers in Black Orion Grey

The hex pattern - the cuts, edges and tessellation patterns have been developed to work and provide you with grip, traction and balance, everything that you need from a pair of great gym trainers. There's also some extra support in the form of heel and toe reinforcement.

The upper of the trainers are made using a recycled knitted mesh. The seamless one piece mesh is breathable and gives you a sock fit, making them easy to get on and off. No more having to stop half way through your workout to tie your gym trainers any more, you can fully focus on what you're doing.

womens hex gym trainer

Women's Hex-At Recycled Knit Gym Trainers in Orion Grey and Powder Pink

Here at Dare 2b, we wanted to create a gym trainer that does exactly that, supports you in the gym. The main focus of these trainers is to provide you with support during your workout and daily walks. Whether you're off for a spin class, or just a dog walk around the park, these are the trainers for you.

men's gym shoes

Men's Hex-AT Gym Trainers


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