Getting Prepared: UK Slopestyler Joe Hides

Sheffield-born slopestyler, Joe Hides, talks us through his high hopes for the season ahead.

Where are you right now?

Right now I am in Sheffield preparing for training to begin in October.

How do the next few months look?

Mostly I’ll be spending time in Europe with a short trip to the US for some airbag training. I will be training with the rest of the British team - they're great guys!

How will this year’s training compare to previous years?

Well, unfortunately, due to breaking my jaw about 6-months back I missed lots of qualification events last season, so this year is going to be even more intense. I’m ready to put all of my efforts in.

Last season Izzy Atkin became the first British woman to win the Ski Slopestyle World Cup. As a team (group) does this give you confidence?

I have known for a while that the British team were heading somewhere special. We’re a group of very hard working individuals, and most of us didn’t grow up on real snow! I’m so impressed to see the programmes that have been put into place for even the youngsters of freestyle skiing and hopefully there will be a huge future in this sport for them too!

There's a huge competition on the horizon?

Yep, there are four positions available for the slopestyle event, although we still have to qualify which isn’t easy!

When do you find out if you made the cut?

Not until a few weeks before (January), so all of my time from now until then will be dedicated to training and preparation. My goal is not just to qualify, but one day bring a medal home too.

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