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Consciously Made - Bringing sustainable clothing to the forefront

Here at Dare 2b, one of our focuses for the future is to become as sustainable and ethical as we possibly can be across all aspects of the business. To celebrate Earth Day, we want to talk about all of the eco-friendly and sustainable practises that we are currently carrying out.

Sustainable Clothing

Since 2020, all of the cotton that we use in our clothing has been certified as being organic. All of this cotton has been grown using traditional agricultural methods, with natural fertilisers and natural pesticides when needed. The sources are also tracked back and we ensure that our farmers are being treated fairly. Strict standards are followed to ensure that we're contributing to sustainable practises.

organic cotton tshirt

Moments Graphic Tee in Bluestone

Ski wear is a massive part of Dare 2b. We wanted to look into a way of improving our ski wear and winter wear by completely stopping any use of down or fur within our pieces. The synthetic insulation that we use now performs better than down and it offers a better warmth to weight ratio as well. Sounds like a win win to us!

men's insulated jacket

Drifter Recycled Padded Jacket in Fern Green

We have brought in other new materials including lyocell and VECT COOL. Lyocell is a sustainable fabric that's made from bamboo and wood, it's woven into a glossy and breathable fabric that has incredible moisture wicking properties. VECT COOL is jade infused fabric which provides a long lasting cooling effect by pulling heat and moisture away from the body. It also has zinc included in the fabric as this has natural anti bacterial properties, making it perfect for activewear!

As well as looking to create more sustainable clothing, we're also looking to help reduce the amount of plastic waste. A huge amount of our clothing is now made from recycled materials and we've actually saved over 30 million plastic bottles (so far) from going to land fill. Our badges and studs are all made from recycled materials, and we've even reviewed our accessories and trims to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.

kids stretch mid layer

Formate Recycled Lightweight Core Stretch Midlayer in Aruba Blue and Dark Methyl

 Sustainable Clothing Company

As well as sustainable and ethical clothing, we have been working on bringing sustainability into other areas of our group.

One of our aims is to make all of our packaging both recycled and recyclable. Currently, all of our packaging is made by FSC approved sources. All of the laminate or foiling that we used to have on our packaging has now been removed as they weren't recycle friendly. The polybags we use are now made of around 30% recycled materials and they are also LDPE recyclable, which means they can be thrown in any mainstream recycling bins. All of the swing tickets on our clothes are now made from recycled materials that are sourced local to the factory.

Talking about factories, we have put in effort in order to have a high level of traceability with our supply chains. We are very aware of where all of our fabrics and accessories have come from. This helps us fulfil all of our commitments to all of our workers and their standards of living.

Our Consciously Made collection is a mix of ski wear, activewear, and every day clothing that showcases some of the best of our sustainable fashion. You can find our full collection here.


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