Common Running Mistakes

In light of the lockdown restrictions here in the UK many are turning to alternative methods to exercise now that gyms are shut. Aside from home workouts, many are also turning to running as it's a great form of exercise and gets you out in the fresh air!
There are many common running mistakes that people may not even realise they're doing, it's important to keep these in mind in order to ensure you minimize possible injuries and are still able to get outside to exercise.

5 of the Most Common Running Mistakes

1. Ill-fitting Running Shoes

We all get enticed by the new latest, most stylish trainers on the market but are they really helping you with your training? One of the most basic mistakes is wearing the wrong size shoes, whether your toes are squashed or your foot can move around when running, both could lead to ankle and knee related injuries. To ensure you're wearing the correct size shoes we would advise you to try some running shoes on once you've been up and active for a few hours, as your feet will expand slightly throughout the day. Equally, you could also get measured by a professional (when retail stores open and sticking to government guidance) to find the right size. Check out our guide on what to wear running for more gear recommendations!

2. Warming Up

Before any exercise it's important to ensure you warm up correctly, you'll need to warm up all of your body even if you are only going for a run to reduce the likelihood of injury as it will help to loosen your bones and increase your heart rate gradually. You'll also feel some performance benefits as you'll find it easier to get into a consistent pace.

3. Hydration

We all know how important keeping yourself hydrated is, and it may seem like we're stating the obvious here but it really is important to ensure you are hydrated both before your run and whilst running. Take a water bottle with you and make sure you drink it regularly as our bodies lose so much fluid as we run. Not doing so can lead to stitches, feeling faint and having headaches, meaning you will have to finish your run earlier.

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4. Overdoing It

Everybody is different so set goals and targets that are personal to you and do what works best for you. If you're new to running or used to running on a treadmill then take your time to adapt, don't push yourself too hard as it will lead you to injury and you may be out of action for a few days/weeks. Don't forget how important it is to make sure you take rest days, choose a lower impact activity for rest days such as a long walk.

5. Ignoring Injuries

Lastly ignoring injuries is a very common mistake people make, often people will experience minor injuries such as a strain in their foot or ankle and just ignore it, this could lead to something more serious and further running could make it worse. Nobody wants to stop training especially at the minute if it is your only form of exercise! So make sure you take of any injuries you get as this could affect your health further down the line.

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