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Best Places To Ski In Scotland

With the uncertainty around travel restrictions this year, it’s a headache to try and book a skiing trip that’ll actually end up going ahead. If you’re still feeling adventurous despite not being able to go abroad this year, why not carve up some of the Scottish Highlands instead!

There’s one little caveat with skiing in Scotland though - you need to check on the weather conditions and resort availability in advance. The snow conditions report on Visit Scotland and weather reports from Winterhighland are useful to keep an eye on things, so bookmark those if you’re planning a trip.

Skiing in Scotland: 5 Ski Resorts You NEED to Experience 🎿

Scotland is well known for its beauty spots, it’s popular with outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists from all walks of life, whether that’s clay shooting at Gleneagles, driving the NC500 or sharpening your skiing skills on some of the most scenic slopes in the British Isles. So, get your skiing outfit ready for next season - here’s five of the best ski resorts to challenge yourself in Scotland.

Ben Nevis Mountain Range

Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the UK. With that in mind, you can expect some pretty spectacular views (being 4,413 ft above sea level and all). In terms of skiing, it’s the most challenging resort in the country thanks to plenty of deep slopes off-piste runs to have a crack at, but it’s not as accessible as the likes of Cairngorm or Glencoe.

There’s also a decent amount of accommodation available nearby the Nevis range, which is always a bonus. The most convenient way to plan a ski trip around the likes of Ben Nevis (and Glencoe, which isn’t far away) is to stay around the local town of Fort William.

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Cairngorm Mountain Range

Cairngorm is an immensely popular resort situated in the eastern Highlands of Scotland, with the village of Aviemore right nearby for accommodation and attractions to try in the evening. Being a popular resort, you’re best going on the off-peak days during the week as the ski lifts tend to get pretty busy. Cairngorm is also right nearby both the Glenshee and Lecht ski resorts, making it another good destination to visit multiple resorts all in one holiday if the weather allows it.

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Glencoe Mountain Range

Glencoe isn’t too far away from Ben Nevis, so if you’re planning on more than just a day trip, you’ll be able to take on both mountains all from the same accommodation. It’s the oldest ski resort in the country as well as being one of the most consistent destinations to actually get some good snow. There’s some fantastic routes at Glencoe, but we can’t help but feel it’s a bit on the smaller side. It’s still a good location nonetheless!

As with Ben Nevis, Fort Williams is one of the better choices for accommodation whilst you’re there, but if you’d rather be closer to the action there’s still an ample amount of places to stay in Glencoe village.

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Lecht Mountain Range

Of all the ski slopes in Scotland, the Lecht is known for being beginner-friendly. That’s because the slopes are much smaller in comparison to the other four resorts, but that’s a huge bonus for families who want to take their kids skiing for the first time. On site, there’s a snow school and an equipment hire facility if you don’t plan on bringing skiing equipment with you.

The only real downside to the Lecht is that it’s far in the northeast of Scotland, which means if you’re travelling by car from elsewhere in the UK, it’s a long journey as it’s the furthest away. You can however save a ton of travel time by flying to either Inverness or Aberdeen airport if you don’t mind the extra costs involved.

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Glenshee Mountain Range

Glenshee offers thrills for people of all levels of experience. There’s a great mix of tall and small slopes, so you can work your way up as your confidence increases. Being on the southern side of the Cairngorms National Park, there’s plenty of views to take in as you slide down the fresh snow. Off season, Glenshee is also a really popular spot to go hiking for the very same reason.

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So there you have it! We hope you’re inspired to give skiing in Scotland a try the next time you’re craving some adventure. If you’re already planning your next skiing trip, be sure to check out some of our latest premium ski gear, including high performance ski jackets, weatherproof salopettes and essential ski accessories.

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