Best Cycling Rucksacks

Cycling has seen a massive boom in recent months, with numerous lockdowns here in the UK people are turning to alternative ways to exercise rather than visiting the gyms which are currently closed. Whether you cycle for fun and need something small to keep your water bottle and valuables in or if you're cycling for commuting purposes and need something that will fit in your laptop or documents, there's something for each lifestyle in our range of cycling backpacks.

Features To Look For When Buying a Cycling Rucksack

  • Capacity - This will be different for everyone dependant on your needs, if you're cycling to work it's likely that you'll need a large capacity rucksack compared to those who are just going for a weekend ride.
  • Comfort - This is key, when shops are open it's a good idea to physically try on a backpack to check its comfort level, you will be looking for features such as padded straps and mesh to reduce sweat, alongside some breathable material where the bag makes contact with your back.
  • Rain Proof - If you're going to be cycling a lot, it's inevitable that you'll get caught in the rain at some point. It's important to ensure your rucksack can offer you some degree of waterproof protection, whether it be in the form of waterproof material, a rain cover or a durable water repellent coating.
  • Compartments - This again will differ for everyone, if you're commuting you may want to look out for features such as padded laptop space or if you are going on cycling adventures you may want easily accessible pockets.

Finding The Best Rucksack For You

Everyone has different features in mind when they're shopping for a new cycling rucksack, whether it be a reflective rucksack, a large capacity rucksack or even a hydro pack. We've chosen some of our best rucksacks with stand out features you may be looking for to help narrow down your search.

Reflective Rucksack

Reflective rucksacks are essential for night time cycling as they help you to been clearly seen by cars and pedestrians. Our Silicon III is also made from durable, lightweight ripstop with a tough-wearing silicone coating to keep it stronger for longer.

Reflective Rucksack

Silicon III Rucksack Ebony Grey Fluro Yellow

Reasons to Buy

• Lightweight polyester double ripstop fabric

• Silicone coating for increased strength and durability

• Water repellent finish

• Packs down into a small stuff sack with attachment system

Hydro Pack

Hydration packs are a great solution for when you're on the go, ensuring you keep hydrated on your commute or adventure. Our Vite III comes complete with a 2 litre capacity, built in safety whistle, hip belt for stabilising pack, bike light/reflector attachment loop and provides breathable material for both back and shoulders.

Hydro Pack

Vite III Hydro Pack Black White

Reasons to Buy

• 2 litre capacity

• Tapered pack shape for unrestricted arm movement

• Breathable mesh shoulder straps

• Reflective details for enhanced visibility

Waist Belt

Waist belts are perfect for cycling as well as many other sports, with a space for your water bottle (which also comes included with the belt), a headphone port, a zipped pocket, reflective detailing you can not go wrong!

Waist Belt

Vite III Waist Belt Black White

Reasons to Buy

• Ergonomic design for advanced comfort and fit

• Hardwearing polyester diamond ripstop

• Includes water bottle

• Reflective details for enhanced visibility

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