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What are the benefits of cycling?

If you're looking to bring some more movement into your daily life, but you don't fancy spending hours in the gym or paying for expensive classes, then why not look at cycling? Cycling has a huge range of benefits, some of which we'll be talking about in this blog!

The Benefits of Cycling

Of course the most obvious benefit that comes with cycling is that you will increase your fitness. But that is such a general overview, cycling does so much good for your body. It can not only help you burn fat and build muscle, but it also helps improve your heart health and your lung capacity. There have been studies carried out that show the long term cycling can reduce risks of developing cancer or heart disease by half.

It's also a low impact option, which means if your joints aren't up to running or you just don't enjoy HIIT, then this could be the one for you.

Getting all that blood flowing also has a massively positive effect on your brain, over time helping to improve brain health and reducing cognitive changes that can lead to dementia later on in life.

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As well as all of the benefits it has to your physical health, cycling has a positive effect on your mental health. Not only does cycling (or any form of exercise) increase the amount of endorphins and feel good energy, but you also get the feeling of confidence that comes with getting out of your comfort zone and having new experiences.

Solo cycling also gives you some time to yourself, it's the perfect time to think through any worries, problems or issues you may be having. On the other hand, if you join a cycling group you can create some new friendships and widen your circle which is positive in its own way!

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Other benefits that you might not have thought about before is the fact that cycling can actually increase your navigational skills and your spacial awareness. It has also been proven to help improve your sleep!

Cycling has benefits that can positively impact every single aspect of your life, so why haven't you incorporated it into your life yet?

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