Q + A


Joe Hides is a 21 year old professional skier from Sheffield. After starting skiing at the age of 8 he never looked back as is now hoping to be able to take his passion to the next Olympics.

  • Congrats on your Team GB Gold Club card - what does it mean to you?
  • To get in the Team GB Gold club is a massive personal achievement for me. its really like a physical checkpoint on my journey of where I want to be.. Next check point.. World Championships then Olympics!
  • Do you have a training plan for right up to the Olympics already
  • Yea I have a training plan but I can’t show it you as its top secret!
  • What do you think your mum/dad would do if you got an Olympic medal?
  • I just asked them what they would do… they said cry and celebrate… a lot! Hahaa
  • Do you hang out with the BSS team in your spare time?
  • I get the privilege of hanging out with peter Speight and the Machon brothers quite often as we are all from Sheffield. The rest of the team I get to see on trips and training camps, they’re a great bunch!
  • Who do you look up to?
  • Well I have to say my role model has always been my Dad. There are people I couldn’t have gotten to this point without such as Pat Sharples my coach and all my teammates and friends who have helped support me.
  • Do you listen to music when you train?
  • I always listen to music when I train. Its gotten to the point now where if I forget my iPod going up the mountain I can’t ski properly.
  • What are you up to this season?
  • The season I’m going to be competing at a few of the World cups around the globe but mainly training as much as possible to prepare for the next Olympics. Also I’ve got some improvements to make on my mental game.
  • What kind of training do you do off the mountain?
  • Fitness wise Im training harder than ever. Im in the gym every single day. Also trampolining and diving throughout the weeks to improve my spatial awareness. Im currently making a new trampolining video which should be dropping soon, I’m super excited about it! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay tuned for it.