Cycle Commute


Cycle Commute

Our Cycle Commute collection is designed to offer greater visibility for city riders without compromising on other functionalities. Our Reverence Jacket is designed with Biomotion technology, research and tested to provide maximum visibility by strategically placing reflective prints on the points of motion when riding.

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  • Biomotion

    Biomotion reflective technology is our latest development in the use of retro-reflective trims, the research into the placement on garments has shown a significant increase in visibility.

    The Dare 2b Biomotion configuration allows a person to be detected as a human rather than an object and by strategically placing the reflective detail enables us to use less but more effective reflective.

    The new extention os AEP! AEP Kinematics analyses the body's points of motion during athletic performance.

    Using data collected in our studies, AEP Kinematics introduces a new collection, specifically designed for each activity, to enhance both agility and power.

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